Sunday, June 14, 2009

F4I1!!!1!!!!1!1!!.... And other stuff.

Hey everybody,

So yeah, seems I didn't make good on my promise to post once a week. But in my defense, I've had blogger's cramp. ( Or blogger's block. Whatever. ) I've seem to have run out of things to talk about, and yet with my life style, I should be writing your eyes off. ( As opposed to talking your ears off of course. ^w^ ) Maybe it's because I don't know where to start writing. Also, this is a new beginning and I hate that. The fact that I had to quit my first blog really pissed of. ( Again, thanks you M$. ) I sorta had my identity set over there and now I feel I have to start over. It's like I'm creating a sort of pressure on myself.

Also, the fact that I have to learn how blogger works bites as well. Don't get me wrong, it's nice place... if you're über good at HTML. Kinda why I liked MSN spaces. It was cookie cuter, but darn it, it didn't take long before you got used to what you wanted to do. But they changed a couple of things there though and I'm sorta back to square one. Oh well, I guess I've ranted long enough.

So what's been going on in my life. Well nothing much if not a lot of things. ( Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense. But keep in mind that I don't feel like everything in my life is blog worthy or actually all that exciting. ) Since last time I blogged though, I've had a lot more courage to go out now. ( Dressed up I mean. ) I'm able to take the bus and subway without giving a second thought to people. I guess this started during my vacation when I went on a shopping spree while I was dressed up. Alone.

It's something that I had planned for a while now and never got around to do it. You see I've decided that my best chance of survival was to do this during a week day when most people are usually at work and not shopping. But it's quite surprising to see the number of people in mall during the week day. It's not crazy like the evenings or weekends. But there is a lot of people. Kinda makes you wonder how they get their money. In any case, I got to the mall and everything was quite uneventful. The clerks were very courteous with me. The girl at Aditionnelle was very nice, but that's probably due to the fact that her brother is actually a dragqueen. So seeing me wasn't much of a problem for her. Still, points for her. ^-^ I guess people were probably going: 'WTF!' in their minds, but I was too busy jubilating to notice. Also, I wasn't looking at them to see or get a reaction. I just went there existing like anybody would do. ( Don't know if what I just said makes sense, but it does to me. I guess I could extrapolate eventually. ) That being said, I tried to look my best though.

And I guess you're wondering about why I'm comfortable in the bus now. Well, it's because to go there, I have to take two buses. So four buses in total. You see, before I wanted to go someplace dressed, I always used to grab a cab. But it got expensive. Especially if you're going for a night out and you spend half of your money on cab fair. ( Of course, I always take a cab back home after a night out. For me, that's just common sense. Especially at 3am in the morn. ) I remember, it would cost me 50$ just to go down town. So for my outing at the mall. I decided I would take the bus. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. Get the courage to go out at a public place that's not the village, and also get the courage to grab the bus and subway.

Since then, anytime I've wanted to dress and I needed to go some place public, I just did. I've went to breakfast for my friends birthday up in a restaurant that most northern to the island. ( For those of you who know Montreal, that very far form the village. ^w^ ) And for another friend's birthday, I actually walked into a pub. Yeah, I'm still surprised about that one. ^-^ So more and more, I'm actually getting the courage to be myself where ever I want to be. Now if I can only get the courage to go into the bathroom. :P

I'll try to do more posts soon. Although that's highly unlikely. I mean Ghostbusters: The Videogame is coming out this tuesday and you can bet your paycheck that I'm going to get my grubby little mitts on it. Plus I'm going to need a new Xbox Live membership card. So I'll be buying those tuesday. Also my rents are coming over the week after. I can't wait to see them, but they're going to be here for like three weeks or something and during that time, I have to put my feminin ways on the side. They accept it, but they're not to see me dressed though. I just hope one day they'll be ok with it. Anyways, I've typed your eyes off too much already. I need to go now.

Until then, this is me signing off.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Intro, presentation and salutations.

Hey all,

This I! The lovely Naomi-Paul Poru. Back from more then a years hiatus.

You don't recognise me? Of course you do! I used to write blogs on my old site Paul's blog! and also on Naomi's space. Yes both are indeed my sites and no I don't have a splits personnality. ( At least not that I know of. ) Both blogs had to do with two of my personnality traits that I didn't want to mix before. But since I'm too lazy to hold two seperate blogs, and also because my original blog has gone to shits ville. ( Thanks M$. ) Added to the fact that I've come to the realisation that I am indeed a TV/TG geek, I've decided to create this new blog which combines these two very different, yet defining aspects of myself. Basically, I'm asking you to follow me if you will in my mindless self indulgence. ( Some of you did for almost two years. Why should it be any different now. ^-^ )

For those of you just tuning in to my universe, ( Or don't have a clue about what the frack I'm talking about. ) let me give you a brief description. Hi, my name is Naomi-Paul and I am a transvestite, with strong leanings towards being a transgenderer, that just happens to like geeky stuff. If you want more simplification. I'm sometimes a girly girl who likes movies, roleplaying games, videogames, anime and comics... with a penis. ( Can't get more simple than this. In fact, it's quite the vulgarized version. ) If you have a problem with who I am, then please, direct your attention to the red square with a white 'X' in it at the top right corner of your browser. Or clickety click here and please don't bother me anymore. If you're still here, then come and stay a while.

What's to be expected from this blog is quite simple. Pretty much the same content as in Paul's Blog!, ( I.E. Pseudo game and movie reviews. Presentations of stuff that I think is cool. My opinions on certain subjects. ) with a little more than a soupçon of Naomi's space. ( Which will basically be stuff that touches on Transgender related topics and my adventures in gender land. Don't worry, nothing too explicite will be divulged. Not so much because I don't want to be graphic but rather I'm not the type pf person that talks about her sexual escapades. You know what I'm talking about. We all know someone like that. ^-^ ) I'm also planning on having a Youtube channel with the same name. I'm not sure at what frenquency I'll be making videos, but at least it should serve as a portal to come in contact with different videos made by trans sisters or brothers. ( Either transvestites or transsexual. I don't even care really. We're all somewhat on the same boat. ) So this way, if a gender confused teen that happens to be a geek comes across my site, at least they'll be able to see that he or she is not alone. And at the same time, if I am able to raise a little awareness about transgendered related topics to the geek community, then I'll be a happy camper. Although truth be told, if my friends are any indicator as to how the geek community react to the transgender community, then I must say that I am proud to call myself a geek. We seem to be quite an open group of people. ( I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that both groups are somewhat persecuted by the jocks..... I should totally stop throwing lables out like that. -_-' )

So if you're interest is still peeked and you can't wait to read future blogs, I thank you deeply. If you're an admirer and you're just here to see pics of me, then I thank you as well but I have to warn you that pics will not be updated much. ( Unless I see that there's a market for it, in which case I might be tempted into buying a digital cam to take more photos. ) I'll try to put my gamer tag here soon. This will necessitate a name change to my existing gamer tag to fit the name here, so you'll be able to see my avatar on Xbox Live and add me to your friends list if you want. ( I warn you right away, I'm not super good though. ) So yeah, that's about it for now. I'll try to come up with something new to write soon. My goal is to update my blog at least once a week. Heh, I know I maybe dreaming by setting this itinerary, but it's one of my goals I set for myself. ( Watch it be destroyed by the fact that I play to much games. Or because I'm a slacker. Or simply because it takes me two fracking hours to shave before I dress up. I meant the whole body of course. :P )

In any case, thanks again for being here and stay tune for more. ^-^

Until then, this is me signing off.