Monday, December 19, 2011

More drawings!

Hey all,

Yeah I know, more drawings but no real update. Sorry about that. Still, I hope you enjoy these.

Like I said, it's for a project with the gang from Réseau Gamer. One of the members of the team is going to make an RPG using us as main characters. He's making it with RPG maker or something. Any who, I was inspired by that project to draw a couple of drawings. I don't know if he can use them -- I should probably scan them and send them to him -- but at least he could use them as character design reference.

Anyway, here they are;

Until the, this is me signing off.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Not dead yet!

Hey all,

I've just noticed that it's been a while since I posted something up here. And so I've decided to come and give you a bit of a heads up. I've been keeping busy, what with writing for Réseau Gamer, writing fiction, playing games and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with J on Netflix. (Before that it was Murder She Wrote... don't ask.)

Still, all this time I kept thinking that I should post something for you guys to read, assuming of course my blog is at all followed. I think the only people that follow this thing is my sweetheart J and a couple of my friends. But my first love of writing did come through my blog, so I shouldn't be giving it up totally.

I do have an ulterior motive for putting up a post. I just drew a couple of pictures that I need to share with some people on the team of Réseau Gamer and since I can't put up the pics directly into the forum, I decided to use this instead. Also, I draw. Ooo pretty. ^-^

So in anycase enjoy these pics and expect a real post soon.

Until then this is me signing off.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

Yes I haven't written here in a while... sew me. :P But in my defense... come to think of it I have no real defense so let us just attribute this to laziness or procrastination. ^-^ And I've been on a vacation last week so whatever.

Anyway, I figure it's only fitting that I bring you a Saturday Morning Cartoon for your troubles of waiting. This time I'll put a lot of them as per my usual apology. However they all come from the same cartoon. Kind of. Anyway, without further ado, I present to you:

Kidd Video

So as you can see the premise of the show was that a bunch of teens -- or young adults -- who are part of a band get sucked into the cartoon world by this evil dude who wants them to do musical labor work for him.

Now since this was obviously a band that was formed for the purpose of the show, they kinda had to show some of their work at the end of the episodes... which turned out to be pretty decent. Here's a glimpse at them.

Kidd Video - A Little TLC

Kidd Video - You Better Run (Sorry for the bad quality, it's either this or out of synch. :/)

Kidd Video - Come Back to Me

Kidd Video - Video Romeo

Kidd Video - Time

Kidd Video - Where Did Our Love Go?

Kidd Video - It's Over When The Phone Stops Ringing

Kidd Video - Easy Love

Yeah I guess that should be enough to tide you over. ^-^

Until then, this is me signing off.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Netbook Get

Hey all,

As you can see by the title, I got myself one of those mini laptops. The reason for this purchase you ask. The simple fact that I’m starting to have this itch to write more and more now. Why? I just don’t know, but if I ever find an answer, you guys will be the first to know.

This itch is so great that as of now I’m supposed to be going back to work but I’m writing this instead. Ugh! I guess I have to go back now….

Okay, I’m back and on my lunch break. I hear what you’re saying though. You guys are wondering that if I’m starting to write again, then why I am not writing more on my blog. Well that’s because I have more then one project going. See I have this blog here, I’m also writing on a French gaming website that my friend started, and I also have a project for a book and a short story – although I’m taking my time with those two things.

Yeah I know. A book. Pretty ambitious aren’t I? The thing is, I didn’t mean for it to be a book. I just started writing something that I thought would be a short story and it turned out that it wanted to become something longer. I don’t know if it will be one of those big brick of a book. But it just wasn’t a short story. I still have a lot of it that I need to transcribe on a word processer; I had started writing it in a spiral notebook. A notebook is fine when you have short ideas or texts like this blog you want to write, but when it comes to a book, the less transcribing you do the better. (Dam, I should do a chapter when I get home.)

Scratch that, the less transcribing you do of any text, the better it is. The thing is, since I started writing for the gaming website I need a lot of my spare time to game so I can write about them. And sometimes I have a lot of down time at work. Hence the recent purchase. Now I can use that down time to write what I want without worrying too much about putting it back on the computer afterwards. I just copy and paste. And I’m seriously thinking about getting wireless internet for it too so I can write straight on my blog or the websites forum when I want to. Oh so many possibilities. ^-^ I just hope nobody from work catches on to what I’m doing. Well, I guess if I respect my breaks and everything I should be ok.

But sometimes it’s hard. As I’m writing this there’s only 10 minutes left before the end of my break and I need to go back to work. But the thing is, I don’t feel that it’s enough. I want to continue sitting here and write until I have nothing more to write about. I know it’s pretty crazy. And all good really. For the last couple of years, I kind of felt that there was something creative missing from my life. I thought it was drawing and/or painting. But it turns out that it’s writing.

The thing is when I was in high school I never really liked writing… much. I add much because that statement is not totally true. I didn’t like writing about stuff that I didn’t want to write about. And coincidentally, I didn’t like reading. I’m not adding much to this one because it was true. I would rather read comic books then read a novel. But apparently that is also reading – even if most of the text is surrounded by a lot of drawings. But in the past several years, I’ve started to add books to my reading. And although I’m sure they’re not all master pieces – I’ve read all of the Harry Potter series. Shut up it’s pretty good – at least I’m reading. Which is the one thing that you need to do when you write apparently. Or so Stephen King says in his book On Writing given to me by my lovely J. on my birthday. (Thanks again baby. ^-^)

Anyway, again the clock says I need to go back and I don’t want to. (It’s actually 5 minutes after the proposed time.) I seriously want to stay here. L Oh well! I have to go. But don’t want to. But need to go. Ugh!

Until then this is me signing off.

P.S.: In case you were wondering, this purchase was soooo worth it. ^w^

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

I know it's been a while since i last posted anything. But for you this means more then one cartoon intro. Although, I will do it themed again. Why? Because it's my blog. ^w^

So without further ado, I present to you Spider-Man through the years.

Spider-Man 67

Spider-Man 81

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man 94

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Anybody who knows me knew that this post was bound to come up. What can I say? I just love superheroes. And my favorite one is Spider-Man.

Perhaps in a small way I kinda fell a kin ship with him even after my coming out. And no I don't do whatever a spider can. I'm talking more about the fact that he has to keep himself hidden from the rest of the world. And I guess also the living with the consequences of your actions aspect of the comic his very strong for everyone. Or at least for me. (With great powers, comes great responsibilities.)

I think that's what makes him so popular. He's not a super powerful hero, but he his very human. It's a wonder he didn't have a burn out at the age of 18 what with going to school, helping with his aunt May's money problems and fighting off the Sinister Six. I think that when the odds are against you, just look at Spidey's life. He may be just a fictional character in a comic. But if you take a look at his life, I'm sure you can find solace in yours by saying: "Well, at least I don't have to fight an eight limbed octopus man and a rhino man at the same time."

I'm just saying.

Until then, this is me signing off.

There was also two live interpretations of Spider-Man way before the movie came out. While the one that's made here was kinda obvious since there was other superheros on North American TV, like Batman and Wonder Women, the one that was made in Japan is kinda puzzling. Especially since he had a giant robot with him. Go figure...

The Amazing Spider-Man Live TV Series

Spider-Man (Toei TV Series)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing for a friends site

Hey all,

So one of my friends asked me to join a project that he's doing and I actually decided to do so.

His project is a web site on gaming, however the twist is that it's in french. Like he said, he's never seen something like IGN for the french gaming community and he thought that it would be cool to try and do something like that. Of course right now it's just volunteer work and it's a really low key to start with, but with hard work, I believe the project could be very beneficial.

And so, this marks the first time that I publish my writing online in my native french Canadian language. Actually, come to think of it, not exactly. I did a blog post in french over at my old blog -- which died by the way. However, it wasn't so much an original text more than a translation. It was something warning women to be careful about something I can't remember and I thought it was important to pass along the message in English and French. Ok so this marks the first time I publish an original text in french.

I am also quite proud of myself because I told my friend that if I do this, I present myself the way that I am. I didn't have to say it was non-negotiable since he said he had no qualms regarding that and said that if people had problems with this, then that's their problem. he was quick to ask me not to make a big deal out of it though. He figured that I'd do what I do and if people would find out, well we'll let the chips fall where they may.

I agreed to that and added that I had no trans agenda for the gaming site -- I already have this site for that -- and that it would be and will be games first and game related stuff. I did however tell him that I would talk about me to the rest of the team out of respect. He said that it was ok by him.

And so I did. And so far so good. I just hope that the rest of the team will show me as much respect as I show them.

As for not presenting myself to the public of that site. Well after each entry I do, there is a brief description of who I am with a picture -- the picture with a Chinese parasol. While I do agree I look feminine in that pic, I still think I look kinda guyish. So I figure that by looking at my picture people will be able to tell pretty quickly.

Perhaps the subject of my true identity will be discussed eventually in the forum. Who knows? At that point I'll figure out what to do -- which is pretty easy to think about really. ^-^

Until then this is me signing off.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

Another cartoon that I liked that was more geared towards girls was She-Ra: The Princess of Power. It was basically He-Man but for girls and, like many cartoons of the 8o's, a half hour commercial for toys. Tell you what though, I'll put bought of them up here so there won't be any fight -- but I'm putting She-Ra first. ^-^



Interesting fact. I used to have a lot of He-Man toys actually, (Remember, I was born a boy and I actually had all the Rambo toys too.) And when She-Ra came out I totally wanted her. My parents where kind of reluctant at first since it was considered a girl toy. But I convinced them by saying I wanted her because she was He-Man's sister. Although with hind sight, I think I had ulterior motives for wanting it. *grins*

Until then this is me signing off.