Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

Another cartoon that I liked that was more geared towards girls was She-Ra: The Princess of Power. It was basically He-Man but for girls and, like many cartoons of the 8o's, a half hour commercial for toys. Tell you what though, I'll put bought of them up here so there won't be any fight -- but I'm putting She-Ra first. ^-^



Interesting fact. I used to have a lot of He-Man toys actually, (Remember, I was born a boy and I actually had all the Rambo toys too.) And when She-Ra came out I totally wanted her. My parents where kind of reluctant at first since it was considered a girl toy. But I convinced them by saying I wanted her because she was He-Man's sister. Although with hind sight, I think I had ulterior motives for wanting it. *grins*

Until then this is me signing off.

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