Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camera Get!!!

Hey all,

So last month was my birthday. I went to visit my parents since it was also the long Easter week-end. They got a camera. Not a super high end one. Just a normal one, but it does have 10 megapixels or something like that. ( I'm not one that knows much about cameras. ) Still, this is a pretty cool gift-- that along with J's gifts of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Stephen King's book On Writing. ( Yeah, the other day I started writing something and she thought it would be a good gift to give me. ) I'm quite happy about the camera though since I didn't have any of my own.

I know what you're thinking. A transvestite without a camera, that's unheard of. Sadly it exited in the form of me. I guess I never got around to buying one. To busy to use my money to buy games and movies and make up and clothes -- not necessarily in that order though. ^-^

J was very happy that I got the camera. She actually turned into a veritable Kid Kodak that same week-end. But she's mostly happy that we'll get to document... well me. And with the new computer that has a burner on it now, we'll be able to store those photos on discs. Before that the only camera I had was a little Xbox 360 web cam. Of course it doesn't cut it anymore. And the pictures I did have of myself were lost when my older PC crashed. That really suxxored.

Anyway, this was a long way to get at this.

These are pictures of me we took just yesterday and I'm actually quite pleased with the results despite the fact that I'm sans make up. I don't know if there will be much of these in the future -- the 'without make up' kind. But there should be more pictures period. ^-^

Until then this is me signing off.

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