Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

Ok so again I missed a couple of saturdays, but you all know what that means though. Yes more then one videos. ^-^ Lucky you. However there's a twist to this though. See it will all be the same show, but different versions of it. ( Japanese, english, etc. ) Dragonball Z probably is one of the most influential Anime that was ever created. You've all at least heard of it for sure if you've never seen it. I'll admit right away it's not for everyone, but like Tezuka sama's Tetsuwan Atomu/Astroboy, Dragonball had fans around the world.

Japanese Opening 1

Japanese Opening 2

Japanese Opening 3 ( For the 20th anniversary of the show. )

English Opening ( Sorry couldn't find a better quality with that song. )

German Opening 2

French Opening

Spanish Opening

Ok I think this should cover it. ^-^ ( That and you might not even be albe to read this right now since there might be to many videos on my page. O_o )

Until then this is me signing off.

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