Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Hey all,

I know it's been a while since i last posted anything. But for you this means more then one cartoon intro. Although, I will do it themed again. Why? Because it's my blog. ^w^

So without further ado, I present to you Spider-Man through the years.

Spider-Man 67

Spider-Man 81

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man 94

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Anybody who knows me knew that this post was bound to come up. What can I say? I just love superheroes. And my favorite one is Spider-Man.

Perhaps in a small way I kinda fell a kin ship with him even after my coming out. And no I don't do whatever a spider can. I'm talking more about the fact that he has to keep himself hidden from the rest of the world. And I guess also the living with the consequences of your actions aspect of the comic his very strong for everyone. Or at least for me. (With great powers, comes great responsibilities.)

I think that's what makes him so popular. He's not a super powerful hero, but he his very human. It's a wonder he didn't have a burn out at the age of 18 what with going to school, helping with his aunt May's money problems and fighting off the Sinister Six. I think that when the odds are against you, just look at Spidey's life. He may be just a fictional character in a comic. But if you take a look at his life, I'm sure you can find solace in yours by saying: "Well, at least I don't have to fight an eight limbed octopus man and a rhino man at the same time."

I'm just saying.

Until then, this is me signing off.

There was also two live interpretations of Spider-Man way before the movie came out. While the one that's made here was kinda obvious since there was other superheros on North American TV, like Batman and Wonder Women, the one that was made in Japan is kinda puzzling. Especially since he had a giant robot with him. Go figure...

The Amazing Spider-Man Live TV Series

Spider-Man (Toei TV Series)

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