Friday, July 16, 2010

Beauty is the Geek - 3D

Hey everybody,

Boy! It's true what they said about fashion. Clothes seem to come back in style after 20 years or so. And I think the same can be said about technology as well. Although it's probably not 20 years for tech. It's more like: "When e have the technology to make it better."

Or so is the case for 3D movies. But seriously though. Did we really need this? Raise your hand if you think it's a ploy by movie makers and theater owners to make people come back in the theaters. Raise your other hand if you recently went to see a 3D movie( *Cough* Avatar *Cough*. ) and thought that it was just a glorified View-Master with moving pictures. I do have one good thing to say about the 3D now. At least I don't have to watch the movies in a Red and Blue hue.

But again I pose the question. Was this really necessary? I think. for the most part, the reaosn that people aren't going to theaters anymore is because of the price. Seriously. Have you seen how much it costs to go to the movies now? Shit! If you have a family, you have to get a second mortgage just for a movie going experience. So I guess 3D is kinda cool cause it gives people an added incentive to watch a movie on the silver screen. Oh but wait. The glasses aren't included in the regular price of admission. They charge an extra 3 to 4$ per head. Can we say rip off?!?! But at least it's still optional. They usually have two versions in most theaters. And I guess for some people, it does add to their movie going experience. So why the hell not?

But the problem lies in the fact that it created a fad. So much so that we now have 3D televisions on the way. Ark! They're already here. Seriously? Do we really need 3DTVs? And to be able to watch it you're going to need a special 3D Blue-ray player. ( Because apparently, a regular Blue-ray can't project or create 3D images. ) And let's not forget the glasses which are 100 to 200$ a head. So if you've only got one pair of glasses, guess who's not watching? That's right, your wife or husband or friend or whoever. ( Penny Arcade and Jefbot clearly made their point on this. ^-^ ) And they are not brand interchangeable. Which means that if I buy a 3DTV from Sony and one of my friends buys one from Samsung, he won't be able to watch my TV with his glasses. I can just imagine how much it's going to cost a guy just so him and his buddies can watch the big game. Which of course means you 'll have to spend extra for a special TV decoder or something to watch sports in 3D. Commercialism at it's best sirs.

But people. All of this is a fad. When everybody, or rather most everybody, ( 'Cause I pray that not everybody is stupid enough to give in to this. ) will have a 3DTV with a 3D Blue-ray, that's when 3D movies will stop showing in theaters. And when that happens, it will slowly mean the death of 3D content for your 3D television. Because let's face it. The reason why movie makers and theaters want you to come back in theaters isn't only because of piracy. ( Mind you it's not helping. ) It's because more and more people are getting home theater systems. And with the advent of HD, there really isn't any reason to go see a movie at the theaters anymore. A family person will probably opt for the 30$ it will cost him to buy a DVD movie and a popcorn instead of forking over 50$ to go to the movies. Heck, it's even less then 30$ if you go for a rental.

Look, some of you might say that I'm wrong and this isn't just a fad. I can honestly say his to you though. Only time will tell. But if we can learn anything from the iPhone, is that there's always a better model coming out. I suggest that instead of giving in to the craze, wait it out and see if it's viable. Show companies that you won't spend your hard earned cash on just about anything.

Even Sony and Micro$oft, despite knowing that 3DTVs were coming, didn't announce anything for their home consoles. And even though Nintendo announced the 3DS, they haven't done anything of the like for the Wii. My geeky brethren, I say wait.

Until then, this is me signing off!

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