Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dragons and Assassins and Xboxes. Oh my!!!

Hey all,

So yeah, back in septembre I got the Red Ring of Death on my 360. Or rather the E74 message of dread. Simply put, my Xbox died on me. J proposed to me that I send it in an get it repaired, but i argued that it would be better if we bought a new one since my old roommate did that with is 360 and had to send it in again a couple of months after it came back.

So I bought the new and sleeker 360 slim model. I just love it. ^-^ And I bought a bundle that Best Buy did back in November. It was basically the Xbox holiday bundle packed with Forza 3 and Alan Wake but Best Buy added Assassins Creed 2 with it. When I saw they had that I went straight to the store with the circular in hand and said to the clerk: "I want this!" while pointing to the special in question. I also bought Dragon Age: Origins with it so that J could try it out.

Let me tell you. It feels good to be gaming again after a month and a half hiatus. As expected, J loved DA. ( She just finished it last friday. ) And I loved AC2. ( Which I finished a couple of weeks before the holidays. I've started a game of DA myself. ) I also got around to play Limbo on Xbox Live Arcade which is probably the best game to come out on XLA this year. We also bought the Kinect with a couple of games which is pretty awesome. We got Kinect Adventures and Dance Central. DC is good, KA not so much though. And just this week-end I bought Borderlands and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I got the game of the year edition for both of them.

So basically, I guess my only goal with this post is to reaffirm my love for video games and also to say that, for the exception of Kinect Adventures that isn't that good and Forza 3 that I haven't tried yet, you should try every game I mentioned and thank me later. That is all. ^-^

Assassins Creed 2: 4.3 Thumbs up

Dragon Age: 4.3 Thumbs up

Borderlands: 4 Thumbs up

Oblivion: 4 Thumbs up

Limbo: 4.5 Thumbs up

Dance Central: 4 Thumbs up

Alan Wake: 3.8 Thumbs up

Until then, this is me signing off.

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